Doll peeves and resurrected movie palaces.

So I got my semi-annual AG catalog today. cut for some extensive fangirl grumping about 18 inch dollsCollapse )

In news beside the politics of doll teeth, I've been following two construction projects back home reasonably closely for a while. One is the construction of the Second Avenue Subway, which, like probably most native new yorkers** I am kinda watching with the the sense that it's not actually happening and will not become really real until I physically alight from a Q train at 86th and 2nd. The other is the restoration and eventual reopening of the Kings Theatre. That one is kinda dear to my heart - the hulking shell of an abandoned theater lurked on Flatbush Ave near The House, its facade, clearly once quite beautiful, crumbling under weather and neglect.

As a very small child being dragged along one of my mother's shopping trips, I'd pass by the boarded up doors, under a long-dead marquee, and I'd wonder long and hard what was behind them. I think if someone had shown my five year old self what did indeed lay behind those doors, her wee mind would have blown, for little did I know that the haphazard wood and broken glass hid the remains of a glorious movie palace from the 1920s.

Clearly a ruin, yet still ridiculously gorgeous. I kinda want to write a story set in here.

This theater has been closed for longer than I've been alive but the past couple of years someone finally got together the capital and the desire to restore the place, and my god. If the wreck was gorgeous, the restored movie palace is kind of beyond description.

The King's Theatre opens next year. Lets just say my inner five year old is very excited to finally walk in, not past.

* I would like to take this moment to curse my husband for making me sit through the entire first season of Rick and Morty.

** As opposed to these white hipster johnny come latelies that are swarming in and giving places cute nicknames like "Billyburg" and "Dumbo."
So last night was the annual Ghoulesque show, and since it was my monthly excuse to play dress up AND the Halloween show, I of course rose to the occasion.


Sooo getting up at 7am yesterday to very quickly braid white yarn into the hair was definitely a worthwhile endeavor. I've already gotten one request to do this again for the Spookhouse party instead of doing Lana and honestly I'm considering it for budgetary reasons. Lana will happen at some point, especially since aersi already does Pam and we've talked about doing a double cosplay sometime. But yeah, this outfit got almost as much love as the Carmen one two months back, so I'm clearly doing something right in terms of theme costumes. Plus even without the eyes, the stitches and lipstick alone freaked Wee Beastie out before I left and he's a tough kid to creep out (with the exception of spiders). So all around, success and victory.

Here have another one for extra special freakiness.

It's MUCH creepier with teeth, I'm told, lol.

Never fails, though, morning after rolling back home at 1am from Burlesque I have to drag myself out of bed for bells. Which is hard enough considering I'm usually beat from the show, but this morning I overslept because I had a warm tiny purring asshole snuggled tightly against me and... cat gravity happens, no matter how annoying your alarm might be. (It's currently "All About That Bass." Which no one wants to hear first thing in the morning. Ever.) We did well, and we were at the beginning of service so I got to slip out quick but still. Ugh. Husbeast is still snoring right now, I'm very tempted to crawl back in with him after I post this. Or make ham and cheese omelets. I haven't quite decided which. Hm.

Now we are (thirty-)six.

bitch please
I'm a square this year! That won't happen again until I'm 49. I get excited about weird math things sometimes.

Anniversary and birthday were good days. Not like Ice Cube level good days, but still quite good. The Husbeast and I spent Monday night home, where he cooked me steak and potatoes and we snuggled and watched TV and got up to those sorts of shenanigans and high-fived each other for having made it this far. We also noted that we've been essentially together for six years come December, which he noted would mark his longest relationship. He's got a few years to go before he becomes mine but I'm pretty sure he'll make it. :3

The birthday was good. I took the day off from work and spent it at CStore, because I needed a day of noodling about with Adobe creative suite and shooting the nerd and 90s alternative shit with Michael. After that I did some window shopping for upcoming costumery needs for Ghoulesque and Spookhouse. There's a random store in the mall that I like to call the Hoochie Store but often go in because it reminds me of similar places on Flatbush Avenue. Turns out they have a white turtleneck sweater dress very similar to one I've been looking everywhere for for a Lana Kane cosplay. The sleeve are wrong, but I can work around that. So with that find I think I've nailed down what I'm going to Spookhouse as. I also found the main base component to Husbeast's Spookhouse costume... lord. That's gonna be a glorious mess.

Target already has Christmas shit up, and the Halloween stuff at Joann's is ALREADY marked down 50%. Holiday creep, I abhor thee. My birthday is WAY too soon for Christmas shit.

Been mulling over what I'd like to accomplish in Year 37 of my life. Aside from being in better places financially which is a given because fuck being broke. Seriously fuck it in the ear. But yeah, I'd like to get SQWRRL out of my head and into the world somehow, do more beadwork, and make a serious effort towards getting healthier. And maybe completely scrub down and redecorate my house. We'll see how I do.

But now, laundry. And apparently listening to Husbeast singing "Don't You Want Me" in the kitchen for no discernible reason. O_o

Sep. 28th, 2014

Now is the time of year when I reread all the posts I made into kjpepper from the hospital when my guts exploded six years ago. They are hilarious. Friends, don't let your friends post things on the internet when hopped up on morphine and ativan. (Or do and laugh.)

Also you know. Glad I'm not dead. Not yet, anyway.

Hard times for dreamers

green things
I bought a powerball ticket tonight and I honestly hate myself for it. I mean, once upon a time I was pretty good at math, and I have that whole computer science degree and I'm generally not a superstitious person, so I know I have a much better chance of getting pregnant the next time I have sex with my husband while getting hit by lightning. (And THAT give me some feels, let me tell you. *sigh*) And yet I was all 225 Million? Ugh, fine what the hell, and coughed up 2 bucks that I could probably have put to better use on at least a coffee or something because in that same once upon a time I took calculus and learned about asymptotes which are the ends of curves that constantly approach zero as they stretch on into infinity and never quite are zero. Apparently my brain has a lot of trouble telling the difference between Still Not Zero and Might As Well Be Zero vis a vis my chances of actually winning the stupid thing.

I kinda hate lotteries, honestly - they're a pretty big signal of everything that's wrong with our society right now. I make myself feel better about buying the occasional ticket by telling myself that some of the so called "idiot tax" goes back into state communities, but when I stop to think about it, even that doesn't sit well with me, really. Look at who buys lottery tickets - certainly not people who are financially secure. Nah, it's average folk stuck in the daily rat race to keep roofs over our heads, bills paid, and ourselves and our kids (if applicable) fed. Oftentimes it's people that are failing at any one of those things for whatever reason. It seems ludicrous to chuck 2 needed dollars at a shot so long it might as well be across the galaxy, and yet these are the people that do. When you think about it, even if lottery money is bolstering your local school system/infrastructure, what have you, it's doing it on the tired, often desperate hopes of people that can barely afford the time and $2 to dream. Meanwhile the folks that can afford those things are jumping through every tax loophole they can get. Seems really wrong to me somehow.

I don't know. Maybe when I was younger I had the whole fancy car/exotic travel/40bazillion acre castle in Hawaii answers to the perennial question of what I would do if I win the lottery. (No I didn't, lol. Never been a big car person, I actually don't really like travelling that much and... okay, maybe I thought once about builing a castle all my friends could live/play in but it certainly wasn't in Hawaii. I require four discrete seasons in my year, kthx?) Right now, though I think the main thing I would buy with a shitload of lottery money is freedom for me and mine from the endless get up go to work get home go to bed rinse lather repeat cycle, the constant running in place to essentially stand fucking still. I hate it. We all hate it. Freedom from worrying how and when the next bill's gonna get paid. From all the stupid debts and sins of my 20s and very early thirties that I can never seem to dig out from underneath. Not necessarily freedom from responsibilities, but maybe freedom from feeling like I'm constantly failing to meet them. That would be really fucking nice right about now.

And you know. A purple Tesla Model S because my god, even once all the responsible adult shit's taken care of and managed, there's still gonna be a holy crap! amount of money left over. Might as well get me one super nice thing.

Feh, this is way too much overthinking, let me put LJ down, lol.
Time keeps getting away from me. Also I'm having a depressive spike. I think the two are related.

This weekend I scratched another state off the list of ones I've been physically in for more than 10 seconds and for more than just an airplane change: that would be Maine. Drew and I (plus his mom) drove up to Bangor to attend his cousin's wedding. Maine is certainly a state, lol. On the road to the inn where the wedding was held we passed a gun shop, a fireworks shop, a minigolf place
another gun shop, a daycare, a gun AND fireworks shop, some woods and a gun and swords shop. Had we passed a gun shop/buffet I wouldn't have been surprised, especially as Drew's cousin had told me she'd bought her dress at a gun/bridal shop. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes, y'all. Anyway, aside from a constant low grade fear of obviously gun-toting white people and moose, there was some very pretty forests that I regret not seeing two weeks from now and then there's the bits of 95 where the speed limit rises to 70. Kinda sorry I didn't get to drive at all during this trip, I'da loved to have the cruise control casually set to 80.

This weekend was also Fisher Price® My First Casino™. I have concluded definitively that they are Not. My. Thing. Give me a good video game or pinball arcade over that any day. I mean, you're still losing your money, but at least you get to DO something while you bleed currency, and if you beat whatever high score is on the board... at least you earned that instead of leaving it up to random chance. So since I was not at all interested in the gambling at all I paid attention to other things while we were there, like the loud carpets, the uniformly 20-something leggy girls serving drinks, noting that a lot of the the slot machines were made by the same companies that make video game cabinets and pinball tables (interesting, that). But yeah I think I was in there all of 20 minutes before I was all yeah no lets get out of here.

The drive back was actually nicer. Mostly because we were leaving Bangor, I think, lol but also we were without Drew's mom, and I do enjoy long car trips with just him. Also because my favorite plaid shirt had about had it and I was pretty sure I'd never get the opportunity again, I decided we should stop at the LL Bean flagship, since it was on the way. It was very much like going to Yankee Candle, except with more taxidermied animals, camo and guns.* There was a moment or two where I desperately wanted to break into the bit of "Gaston" where he brags "I use antlers in all of my DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECORATING!" because they literally do throughout the store. Most of the chandeliers are fetchingly arranged moose antlers, I shit you not.

Anyway the surprise bonus of the trip - I meant to go in, grab the same flannel shirt, pay for it and get out (I've never been one to linger over clothes shopping), but I grossly underestimated that 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee thing they like to stress in their advertising to the point where I'm glad I was wearing my raggedy old shirt into the store when I was buying the replacement, because the guy checking me out saw my elbow poking out of my old shirt and asked me if it was the same shirt I was buying. When I cheerfully informed him that yes, I was replacing it, he handed back my card and told me to take the shirt to Customer Service for an exchange. Meanwhile I'm like "Cracka, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" cause come on, it's a five (six?) year old shirt, one expects these things to wear out eventually right? But nope, the second guy at customer service was all "oh yeah no problem, gimme your old one" and tl;dr free damn shirt. For the motherfucking win.

So uh, yeah, note to all of you, if you have old worn out LL Bean stuff, send it back to them because they are SERIOUS about replacing that stuff. I'm a bit boggled by the concept of essentially paying for one shirt pretty much for life, but there you go. Also they're bringing back purple into their classic backpack line next month so I'm all like oooooooooh! cause goddamn it the cat peed in both of my messenger bags. >_< and I've missed having an actual backpack to schlub stuff around in. Though note to self, this time when the backpack wears out, send it the hell back instead of throwing it out!

Other than than, not much doing. That trip is over with, the Tassel Tussle is done, and other than rustling up kittens for the next show (Cause that's my job now lol) I don't have to worry about that. Weekend after next I'm supposed to be driving RoyJr's car from CT to the Vineyard; I'ma crash there overnight at the Barbie Dream House and have a pre-birthday sort of breather by the water, and head back the following day. And then there's Spookhouse next month - the gang is throwing what is shaping up to be an EPIC Halloween party in honor of the Atramors coming back east to visit. While I have no earthly idea what the hell I'm doing for it, Drew and I have decided what he's going as and I'm having an obscene amount of fun plotting the construction of that costume. (It's a surprise - and MAN I'm going to have trouble keeping it under my hat because it's gonna be epic.) Life just goes right now, and while I'm annoyed with myself for not doing anything huge and life-changing, what I may need to do is coast on the current for a little while until my feet touch bottom again.

As a signoff, here's omgwtfaninja's cats in a trailer:

* There were a LOT of guns on this trip. Mostly implied guns, but still. It did not exactly make me feel either safe or comfortable. Weirdly enough I didn't mind it too much in the LLBean store, as opposed to anywhere else, but... yeeesh.

Master of none.

to do list
Projects on the hook: a list. (mostly for my own benefit)

[beads] Finish Banzai Bill.
[beads] Kidzilla's Minecraft jewelry set
[beads] find a better way of displaying the game boy screenshots
[beads] Castlevania II screenshot
[beads/mixedmedia] Journals

[other crafties] learn how to use the sewing machine.
[other crafties] make kid quilts!

[websites] SQWRRL
[websites] HMC*
[websites] soul of wit*
[websites] show? Maybe?*

[MCPE]** Finish internals of Wacker tower, finish the Road, mine out under Wolfwood house, build something by Keyhole Mountain.

[Seven] Hey! Remember that novel you were working on? Maybe work on it more or maybe finish it, yes?

[Burlesque] Start fishing for kittens for next month's show
[Burlesque] Find somewhere for Pigf****r (the zombie costume) to live where the cats will not nest in/pee on him. Also fix/improve/remake the costume for a possible reprise.
[Burlesque] start sketching out/planning another act, since the rest of my possilbe ideas have gotten extremely noisy in the wake of the first one.

[house] CLEAN/ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS (break down into manageable chunks, plz.)
[house] Operation Too Much White Wall (in other words, hang some crap).
[house] plan next summer's garden stuff

[me] figure out some kind of exercise plan that I'll actually stick to.
[me] start spreadsheeting and actively managing $$$ again because boy howdy, woman. This always broke shit is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls.

Moral of story - I need to guzzle some caffeine and maybe get cracking on one or ten of these. Well, I did just hear that Coke brought back Surge so...

* being deliberately cryptic here.
** Yes it's Minecraft but considering how involved these building projects in-game get, I might as well treat them like a Project.

Just an "oh hey, life!" post

mass autumn
Not too much afoot right now, just the work, home, catfuckery, husbandfuckery (giggity) sleep, wake up rinse lather repeat cycle. I'm still in kind of a fog since Saturday night's big excitement so I haven't picked up anything new projectwise that I could squee about. I mean I have Things on the Burner I could pick up and work on, I just... Haven't. Still too burnt, I think. Today's the first day where I didn't wake up with everything hurting.

Other than the "Wellp, now what?" fog though, I guess the state of the Andee is reasonably okay. Money is still stupid, the job is the job, and I'm still wasting entirely too much time online and on minecraft and my house is an unholy mess but I don't have the spoons to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS, although the extra fire lit under my ass on Sunday at least got the living room presentable so there's that.

OH Speaking of Sunday! So Drew and I were in Yankee Candle picking up wedding presents for his cousin for next weekend (we have to drive all the way to MAINE oh god shoot me now) and I get a phone call from Nuke being all like "HEY I'm in Springfield and I wanna see you, how far away are you?" Eeep! so after tearing through Yankee Candle's long ass checkout line, going home and frantically picking up the disaster pit that was our first floor after several weeks of minecraft costume construction, Nuke showed up, admired our fuzzy beasts (she was especially taken with Ash, which is impressive because she hates cats, but he is the Most Majestic of idiots so...) and then we went down to Northampton where she treated us to Local Burger and we caught up. But yeah it was a good low-key visit and I was really pyched she came to visit, since the fam visiting me up here is a rare thing. Pity she couldn't have come three weeks later when the leaves would be in full on gorgeous. But Things are Afoot, so it may not be her last visit. I did tell her to give us a bit more than half an hour for notice next time though, lol.

Things I am looking forward to right now: Actually working on said back burner projects. The major Halloween bash planned in honor of the Atramors coming back east for a visit. Ghoulesque and it being the first show I will be Official Head Stage Kitten (did I post about that? Yeah, that's happening.) The usual October stuff, because YAY October approacheth verily! Spirit of Halloween is open finally, JoAnns has seventeen types of fabric with spiderweb prints, and walmart has 99 cent cream makeup again. (Target has yet to join the Halloween bandwagon which is frustrating because I really want a pair of these and don't want to order them online for whatever reason.) This of course means my birthday is on the horizon, as is my wedding anniversary and of course the Orange and Black holiday of Wonder. There's been a fair amount of shopping for Saturday's shenanigans while humming "Its the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime of the year" to myself. But yeah, even though Grown Up Problems remain problematic, the chill in the air and the crackle of energy and drunken revelry that signals the return of students to the area has been doing wonders for my mood and energy level. Fall is my season and I am happy it is pretty much here.


team tatro (2014)
The way too rapidly becoming not-small blonde completed her first decade among the earthlings today. She was duly rewarded for her efforts with a butt-ton of Minecraft stuff and her dad doing goofy cute things with her breakfast this morning:

Both Drew and I are in a bit of a state of shock about this, much as most grownups are when confronted with the advancing age of a child they care about. I mean, he's been all like "didn't I JUST bring her home from the hospital?" all weekend. I joined her story a wee bit later - I'd been visiting Janra in the farmhouse while people were over for games and happened across a baby fussing on his bed and trying to soothe herself by sticking her even-then-giant feet into her mouth. So clearly I had to sit and tickle them until fussing became giggles because, baby feet are basically made of yes. (And drool, but lets skip that part.)

As always when confronted with a Milestone Moment I go hunting around in my archives for relevant stuff. As such, I present you with Kidzilla's first guest appearance in my journal:

"That baby is ridiculously cute. Especially when she grabs two big handfuls of my hair in her chubby little hands and very carefully and solemnly inspects it strand by strand before either letting go or yanking hard up and down on it while letting out this precious toothless gurgle of utter delight. Good thing black women don't have nerve sensors in their scalps after age 7."

Anyway. I'ma be over here frantically not freaking out about everything that needs to get done in the next five days and feeling ancient, lol. Like Drew said in July for Beastie, I never get older on my own birthday. I get older on theirs.

HOW. Fuck you, Time.

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